This last part of our story starts with the sexy British Domme, Zoe Page, sitting on monkeyboy’s face in her lacy panties while tugging on the bondage rope that she’s tied around his cock and balls. When monkeyboy makes the mistake of trying to talk, and breathe, she grabs his balls and squeezes them, hard, before playing with his cock and humiliating him with some great trash-talking. Next, Mistress Zoe stands up and puts a cute little bare foot on his face, covering his nose and lips with her strong little toes which grab at his features and force their way into monkeyboy’s mouth. Then she drops down onto his chest and covers his face with both of her grubby bare soles before ordering her victim to open his mouth so she can force her toes in. Zoe sits sideways on monkeyboy’s face to shut him up and then puts him in a reverse schoolgirl pin – this allows her to cover his face with the tops of her feet while pulling on the rope around his cock and balls. She also pushes both her big toes into monkeyboy’s mouth and double fish-hooks him until he begs her for mercy. To finish, Zoe kneels painfully on monkeyboy’s chest and threatens him with more punishment before standing over him and making him kiss her feet.


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