Carrying on from part 1: Gorgeous Zoe is having some fun with poor old monkeyboy as she sits on his face and subjects him to some cbt, grabbing and slapping his balls while she trash-talks and humiliates him – she squeezes his balls and makes him say what a ‘weak little girl’ he is. This goes on for some time until her dirty feet find their way back to his face and she makes him smell and kiss them. Slave monkeyboy gets her toes all over his nose and mouth before they are forced into his mouth again and he sucks them as ordered by this dominant beauty. Zoe next commands monkeyboy to lick the dirt off her soles and when he does, he gets his tongue grabbed by her strong toes. Standing over him again, Zoe makes monkeyboy crawl around while kissing the tops of her smelly ┬ábare feet and licking the dirt from her soles again. This part of the story ends with monkeyboy laying on his back thoroughly humiliated by Mistress Zoe – she says that she is going to get something else to play with, so the fun isn’t over yet…


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