Carrying on from Part 1, Jade is humiliating monkeyboy in a mixed wrestling session, she has him pinned down with a grapevine around his legs and her boobs in his face! Jade is having fun and laughing as she reverse face-sits monkeyboy, holding his head in place with her smelly bare feet, after a good smothering, Jade moves into a reverse head-scissors and then a figure4, pulling monkeyboy’s face into her butt cheeks. Next she sits on monkeyboy’s face again and bounces around a bit before changing to a cross-body press with an armbar that makes him tap-out. Jade is totally dominating monkeyboy now and bending him into a pretzel, after a while she makes him sit-up, traps his arms with her legs, chokes him and slaps him in the balls. Other holds are: neck-stretch, belly smother, reverse face-sitting, a leg lock that includes a foot in the balls, her smelly toes keep finding monkeyboy’s nose, she boob smothers him again and Jade’s cat even joins in and attacks monkeyboy. When monkeyboy tries tickling Jade, she knees him in the balls and then puts him into another armbar – this time with her feet all over his face. When monkeyboy gives up the entire match, Jade rubs his face with her stinky toes as a final act of her dominance.


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