The lovely Jade has a mat room at home and she offers wrestling and domination sessions – monkeyboy has booked a wrestling match where he hopes to learn some holds, and how to get out of them! Jade is wearing a bright turquoise bikini and, monkeyboy notices, some stinky old flats. It seems Jade has decided to get her feet smelly especially for the submissive monkeyboy – she flips off the flats and shoves her feet in his face, making sure her sweaty toes are covering monkeyboy’s sniffing nose (she knows he stops trying when he’s sniffing stinky feet). Next Jade pushes monkeyboy down onto the mats and reverse face-sits him, her perfect butt swallows up his face and monkeyboy suddenly realises he’s not going to get much of a lesson, more of a beating… Other moves used by Jade are: rear head-scissors, body scissors, foot choke with one set of toes around monkeyboy’s nose, head-scissors with armbar, figure4 scissors, shoulder pin with a grapevine, his arms are pulled back and locked painfully before he’s rolled over and put into a camel-clutch. He is fish-hooked, slapped and punched, then another armbar that allows Jade to rub her smelly soles and stinky painted toes all over his face, giggling as she foot-don’s him.


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