Victim monkeyboy has taken a seat on the couch after his beating by Jade, but she hasn’t finished with him yet and shoves a stinky bare foot in his face, making sure to cover his nose with her smelly toes – she makes him sniff her feet and orders him onto the floor (she gives the camera to the other girl to film his humiliation). Next it’s face-sitting for the embarrassed monkeyboy, followed by a head-scissor with his face pulled into Jade’s crutch. A figure 4 holds monkeyboy still while she punches him for a long while – monkeyboy is really crying out in pain! Jade makes her punch-bag victim submit and give up completely before reverse face-sitting him and grabbing his balls. There is more ballbusting by her hands and feet for a while and then she sits on top of monkeyboy and covers his face with both her smelly soles. The punishment ends when Jade talks to the camera and poses for it. Again, I must stress that this is a real situation so please forgive the bad lighting, but enjoy watching a real-life fetish evening.


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