Super-hot wrestler Jade is on the bed posing when she calls for monkeyboy to come and entertain her – he comes in wearing what Jade has told hm to, a pair of speedos. She moves to get a good look and grabs monkeyboy’s balls, making him cry out in pain as she throws him onto the bed and starts wrestling him. Sitting on his back, Jade stretches monkeyboy out before pushing his face down into her waiting bare feet. This is a wrestling match with a difference as Jade takes every opportunity to squeeze and bust monkeyboy’s balls as she puts him into all sorts of holds. He gets scissored, pinned, grapevined, kneed in the crotch, face-sat, slapped and humiliated as Jade rubs her smelly bare soles and toes into his face. Eventually Jade has had enough so she makes monkeyboy beg for mercy before she kicks him off the bed and out of her sight.


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