So, Miss Kay-O has lost the Stinky Feet Challenge and monkeyboy is laughing and teasing her – she kicks him to the floor and puts a smelly bare foot on his face. She tramples his face before letting him stand up so she can kick him and push a foot onto his nose again while he’s trapped against the wall. Next, Miss Kay-O kicks monkeyboy to the ground where she sits on him and covers his face with both her feet before foot-choking him into tapping. She continues to humiliate him with her feet and then she face-sits her victim, laughing and playing with monkeyboy ┬áThen Miss Kay-O does a schoolgirl pin on monkeyboy before letting him up and raining punches, kicks and knees to his body and head – when he’s down again, monkeyboy tries kissing her foot to get a break from the relentless beating he’s getting. This doesn’t work, so he offers to give up the whole match – do you think Miss Kay-O is going to accept that?


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