This second part of the mixed wrestling match sees the fit, young, blonde McKenzie continuing to use inventive holds to dominate and humiliate monkeyboy, especially with her sweaty bare feet – you can tell how much fun she’s having by the smile on her face and the warning she gives monkeyboy that she wants to make him pass out from her foot stink! When monkeyboy does try to fight back, she easily gets him in a head-lock and, because she is very flexible, puts a foot in his face and forces him to sniff her long toes. An arm-bar, with feet in the face of course, makes monkeyboy say how strong her toes are as she curls them around his nose. McKenzie does whatever she wants with monkeyboy, foot-smothering him and forcing him to smell her toes while telling him to, ‘just lay back and enjoy it’ – even the referee, Araneae, makes a comment and agrees with her. When monkeyboy manages to get to his knees, she holds onto his wrists and pushes two soft soles into his face before pulling him down to the ground again. McKenzie rolls monkeyboy on to his front again so she can use her favourite feet-under-face move while telling him it could be worse, she is only making him smell her lovely feet – she pushes his face down into her soles and wiggling toes to prove her point. Next, she puts one ankle across monkeyboy’s throat and holds her other sweaty foot over his nose and mouth before reverse face-sitting him. To finish the fight, McKenzie sits on monkeyboy’s chest and double foot smothers him until he gives up. There is a nice foot-on-face victory pose by McKenzie to show who the winner is in this one-sided wrestling match.


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