So, today our ‘hero’ gets to wrestle the gorgeous McKenzie (one of the Irish Max Academy girls) who is wearing a red leotard – she tells him that she’s going to make him kiss her stinky bare feet too! She quickly demonstrates this by wrestling him to the ground, sitting on him, and putting both her white-skinned feet on his face. McKenzie forces monkeyboy to sniff her smelly feet if he wants to breathe by curling her sexy long toes around his nose to foot-smother him. Next, she shoulder pins monkeyboy before getting a long leg across his throat to hold him still while she pushes her dark purple painted toes over his nose and mouth. Fit and strong McKenzie is able to dominate monkeyboy easily and she rolls him onto his front, sits on his back, and puts both of her sweaty feet under his face – she tells her victim that she hasn’t washed her feet today and knows they stink. She enjoys humiliating monkeyboy by flexing and wiggling her her toes while she holds his head down and pushed into her feet. A tight head scissors has monkeyboy turning red while she laughs and teases him before putting him in an arm-bar with, you guessed it, feet in his face which smother him into tapping out. McKenzie is inventive in the holds she uses to immobilise monkeyboy, plus she is flexible, she easily chokes him with one ankle across his throat and the toes of her other foot over his nose and mouth. There are double foot smothers, toes nipping his nose and then a front head scissors that makes monkeyboy tap again. McKenzie treats monkeyboy to a reverse face-sit and then turns him over, to end this first part of our story, by using her favourite feet under face hold.


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