Lucky monkeyboy has been to the game and he’s brought one of the cheerleaders (played by the sexy Jade) back home with him – things haven’t gone as he hoped and he is now tied up! Jade tells him that she saw him looking at her feet instead of the game and she knows he’s a foot-perv, now she intends to dominate him with her smelly feet that have been in sneakers, with no socks, all day. To increase the stink of her feet, Jade has changed into dirty old shoes and unwashed nylon socks, she puts them up to his face and slips the shoes off so she can hold the smelly nylons over his nose. Next, Jade makes monkeyboy take the nylons off with his teeth so her bare feet can abuse his face while he is helpless to resist. She rubs her soft white feet all over monkeyboy’s face and forces him to sniff her red-painted toes. Jade is not happy however and gets some tape to gag her victim with, to ensure he can only breathe in air from between her sweaty toes. She foot-smothers monkeyboy and drags her soles slowly across his face to humiliate him. To end this first part of our story, Jade hooks one foot behind monkeyboy’s head and pushes her other foot into his face so he’s trapped between them.


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