So, Ari and Jade, both dressed as sexy Harley Quinn, are busy putting Amber and monkeyboy into bondage so they can’t go to the party. Jade pulls pantyhose over monkeyboy’s head while Ari finishes hog-tieing Amber who is struggling against the ropes, a real Damsel in Distress. After humiliating them both some more, the Harley Quinn Twins tie Amber’s stinky bare feet to monkeyboy’s face, making sure her smelly toes are over his nose, and then leave for the party while their victims can only struggle helplessly… Some time later, Ari and Jade return having had a few drinks: they want to play some more before letting Amber and monkeyboy out of their bondage. Ari sits astride monkeyboy and slaps him in the balls while Jade starts to undress Amber, they are enjoying humiliating the couple! Eventually the Harley’s untie their victims and tell them to get downstairs – this is turning into a birthday to remember for monkeyboy…


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