Amber and monkeyboy are on the bed waiting for Ari and Jade to change into their costumes for what monkeyboy believes is a fancy-dress party – the 2 girls enter the room, both are dressed as Harley Quinn from the film Suicide Squad, and they are not happy! They want to know why Amber and her boyfriend are not in comic-book costumes as that is the theme for the party – there is an argument which the Harley Quinn Twins soon take charge of. To stop Amber and monkeyboy going along in their lame costumes, the dominant pair of girls have soon got them in bondage, laid on the bed so Amber’s smelly bare feet are up by her boyfriends face. They are laughing as Ari dominates Amber, who is gagged and hog-tied as well as blindfold – she struggles and moans, a real Damsel in Distress. Meanwhile, Jade is using rope, saran-wrap, tape and vet-wrap on monkeyboy who she trash-talks about being fat, among other insults, she also uses a magic-wand vibrator to tease her helpless victim.


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