Footslave monkeyboy is laying on the floor at the feet of his girlfriend, Amber West, who has thick black, well-worn, socks on her feet – she puts the damp sweaty socks on his face for him to smell, she says how much they stink as she rubs them over his face. Lucky monkeyboy has a good hard sniff of her socks, especially the extra smelly toe-ends – Amber says he can take a sock off, which he does, to leave one socked foot and one bare foot on his face. The second sock comes off to properly show Ambers sexy soles and long flexible, blue-painted toenails as she toe-smothers her boyfriend and forces him to smell her very smelly feet – the camera is set low, looking up from monkeyboy’s POV and giving a great view of the face trampling he’s getting. Amber shows off her sexy soles to the camera and even gets her boobs out, she is such an exhibitionist! This clip also has some HOM action, foot smothering, teasing, socks in mouth as well as toes in mouth. Remember the toes2nose promise: if it says the feet are smelly, they are! This is the second film from monkeyboy’s birthday weekend shoot… lots more to come…


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