Dominatrix Miss L has got monkeyboy laid on the floor waiting for her when she comes in, dressed in her distinctive 50’s style, but also wearing a dirty pair of long striped socks which have holes in that allow her cute little toes to poke through – she tells her foot-slave that she’s got a special treat for him and puts the smelly damp socks right on his face. Being the tease she is, she starts to rub her socked feet on his face, forcing him to sniff the soles and especially the toes of the stinky old socks. She expertly teases monkeyboy with the little bare toes that have come through the holes before curling them right around his nose, grinning at his inability to move away because his foot fetish is so strong. Miss L moves around to ensure he gets the full benefit of the smelly toe-parts as she pushes and rubs them all over his loudly sniffing nose. She grins down at him while driving him crazy with her cruel teasing, and his entire face is soon covered in the stink of her dirty socks, seen in close-up in this full HD sock-smelling clip!


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