Jade and monkeyboy are having an evening at home and Jade is feeling naughty, so she’s got the camera running when she shoves her feet, in filthy old flats, into monkeyboy’s face and tells him to take them off. He does as he’s told (monkeyboy wasn’t aware at first that Jade was filming everything, so this clip is almost behind-the-scenes as you will hear their conversation about foot fetish) and Jade puts her smelly toes across his nose and tells him to sniff them. Jade gets very dominant, ordering monkeyboy about, telling him to lick her feet, which he does of course. Next Jade wants her blue-painted toes sucked but monkeyboy wants to keep sniffing them – Jade gets her way naturally, but she does force him to smell between her stinky toes, just what he had begged her for. Jade is enjoying monkeyboy’s submission to her feet and decides to tease him with one foot over his nose, and one stroking his cock through the thin cotton pants he’s wearing. Although monkeyboy now knows he’s being filmed, he’s happy to talk openly about his fetish while his cock is getting hard, Jade is happy to tease him, both of them know there’s not going to be a happy-ending for monkeyboy…


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