It’s been a hot day and Miss L is relaxing on the couch in a cute t-shirt and boot-type slippers, she calls monkeyboy over and makes him lay on the floor in front of her. She kicks off the old smelly slippers to reveal she has striped socks on which are damp and stinky, she rests her little feet on monkeyboy and treats him to her socked feet in his face, making sure to get her sweaty toes right over his nose. He is used to her teasing and sniffs her feet through the damp socks, he remarks that her feet are more smelly than usual which makes her smile – she enjoys playing with her long-time slave, knowing he is powerless to resist her feet. Miss L peels her socks off and now her soft soles and cute little toes with red nail polish are in his face. Like the good slave he is, sometimes, he happily sniffs away, so strong is his fetish for smelly feet that he accepts the humiliation of being controlled by a girl half his age. Miss L moves the camera for a better view of her sexy feet as she rubs them in his face and holds the stinkiest part, between her toes, across his nostrils – monkeyboy is in foot-sniffing heaven! Miss L is an expert Domme who knows exactly what to do to keep her slave underfoot and humiliated. The clip ends with the foot domination still going on – monkeyboy is going to be her footstool for the rest of the evening…


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