Beautiful Dominatrix Miss L, looking super-cute in her pj’s, sits down next to monkeyboy and puts her smelly bare feet into his face – she loves to dominate and humiliate her foot-slave, and he accepts his fate without question. She puts all 10 red-painted toes over his nose and he sniffs them deeply, then she locks one foot behind his head so she can easily trample his face with her soft and stinky soles. Miss L loves to tease monkeyboy with her little feet as she knows it drives him crazy – he even pulls her feet harder into his face, his foot fetish for his Mistress is so strong. Next, she grabs the camera to give a nice POV shot of her bare feet as they cover his face, she wiggles her toes on his nose and mouth and then pushes them into his mouth, giggling at his helplessness and inability to stop her. When she has had enough, and she knows he is excited and wants more, she leaves him on the couch and goes to bed…


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