Hot British blonde, Amber West, is relaxing in her emerald green silk pyjamas, all ready for bed on her feet are a pair of old black socks – her boyfriend, monkeyboy, sits beside her and tries to persuade her to stay up a little longer. When he mentions the dirty socks she’s wearing, Amber lifts one foot up to his face so he can smell the stinky sock and agrees to let him have her feet for a while before she goes upstairs. Soon both smelly socked feet are in his face and he’s happily sniffing them as she rubs them all over his nose and mouth. Amber takes off one sock so she can treat her submissive boyfriend to her soft soles and long sexy toes as she curls them around his nose, forcing him to smell between them. The other sock comes off and monkeyboy moves so she can foot smother him properly – after a while, Amber decides to be her usual naughty self. One smelly bare foot stays in monkeyboy’s face so he gets to sniff it and the other foot is in his lap, Ambers toes start to stroke his cock…


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