Super-hot wrestlers, and dominatrix, Ari and Jade are with monkeyboy to do a double stinky feet challenge where he has to put up with both pairs of stinky feet in his face for 10minutes – if he can’t there’s a cash prize, out of his own pocket! You’ll see immediately that the girls are both in school girl uniform: white shirts, tartan skirts, their hair in cute bunches and both wearing smelly old shoes with socks. Both girls have taken the stinky feet challenge before, on their own, so they have prepared their feet to be as sweaty and smelly as possible. They are also wearing unwashed socks inside battered old flats (Ari) and well-worn running shoes (Jade) – The time starts and the shoes come off and socked feet are pushed into monkeyboy’s face with damp stinky toes all over his nose. His verdict after smelling them for a while: not bad! Jade takes her old black socks off, while monkeyboy lays on the floor at the 2 girls feet, however, it’s Ari who treads on the human footstool first, giving their victim the benefit of her stinky toes right under his nose. Then it’s Jade’s cold bare feet in monkeyboy’s face, although he soon says he has no problem sniffing them – Jade can’t believe it and offers a foot up to Ari’s face. Ari sniffs Jade’s toes, followed by Jade sniffing Ari’s sexy long toes! (So Hot!). Next monkeyboy gets 4 feet and 20 toes all over his face and around his nose to smell – still no problem says the stinky feet fetish slave. The girls also talk about their feet and compare them while laughing and messing around, totally ignoring their footstool at times. When they do start on monkeyboy again, both girls force toes right up into his nose – so humiliating! Ari and Jade love to wrestle and play as a team and they always egg each other on – monkeyboy finds this out firsthand as he gets Ari’s little toe up one nostril and Jade’s little toe up the other!


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