After his beatdown at the hands, and feet, of the sexy wrestler and dominatrix Miss Kay-O, monkeyboy is having a rest on the mats. But Miss Kay-O has been to change her outfit and now she comes back into the mat room and tells him she is going to wrestle him again – monkeyboy has to agree, but he does get her to promise no more kicks or punches this time. As he goes to stand up, Miss Kay-O puts a standing head scissors on him then takes him back down on the mats before face-sitting him, and just like that the ‘match’ is on. What follows is an exhibition of wrestling domination with some foot humiliation thrown in as she totally controls her victim and makes him tap, over and over again. Now, Miss Kay-O is mma trained, as you could guess from the holds she uses on monkeyboy: Trampling (on back and front), head-scissors (front, reverse, figure4), foot-smothering and choking), arm-bars (with stinky bare foot on face), schoolgirl pins and some holds she has made up to humiliate monkeyboy (lot’s of feet in his face, of course). The camera is being operated by the lovely Ari who can’t help but laugh and egg-on her friend Miss Kay-O, especially when monkeyboy is face-down and being forced to sniff between sweaty toes…


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