Hot British Domme, Miss L, has her footslave monkeyboy in his usual place, laid on the floor so she can rest her feet, in nylons and an old pair of slipper-boots on him. She teases monkeyboy, telling him how hot and sweaty her feet are inside the woollen slippers, and how much her feet must smell. Miss L pulls off one boot and shows her damp sole to the camera before resting her foot on monkeyboy’s face, she curls her nylon-covered toes around his nose so he has to take a big sniff. She laughs at monkeyboy, knowing he can’t resist her soft little soles and cute toes, as she teases him and forces him to smell between her toes. The other slipper comes off and now two nylon feet are covering monkeyboy’s face as she foot smothers him – Miss L also holds her old slippers over his nose. This is a great clip for lovers of smelly nylon feet and forced foot smelling.


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