We’ve just seen British Dom, Miss L, teasing monkeyboy with her stinky old socks, and in that clip he asked if he would be allowed to have her bare feet in his face as well – she has decided he can and very slowly strips off one of the socks and then shoving it in his mouth! We know she loves to tease her foot-slave and this continues as the second sock is also, very slowly, removed and her bare, dark-blue painted toes are put very close to his face to tempt him before her bare feet, smelly from the socks of course, are put onto his face, her toes covering his sniffing nose of course. Miss L is highly amused as monkeyboy is forced to smell between her short sexy toes – he sighs in frustration as she nips and rubs her soft soles and flexible spread toes all over his face, making sure the end of his nose gets plenty of attention from her little white-skinned bare feet. The rest of the clip is shown in close-up as monkeyboy is abused and smothered by this young girls smelly feet.


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