For anyone new, The Stinky Feet Challenge is, monkeyboy has to sniff feet for 5mins, if he can’t stand the smell, he will pay £50 to the girl who beats him – this time it’s the sexy Miss Kay-O who has not washed her feet for 3 days! She is wearing a one-piece outfit and her toes are painted a dark blue, she makes monkeyboy sit against the wall and shoves one smelly bare foot into his face, making sure her long toes are right over his nose. She tells him that she’s been to the gym and has been running too as monkeyboy sniffs her toes – he compliments her on the effort she’s made to get her feet to smell bad. When he doesn’t complain, or try to move away, Miss Kay-O grabs his nose between her toes where they stink the most but still he sniffs them happily. She swaps feet and runs her toes along under monkeyboy’s nose, but he just laughs and says that his money is safe so she puts both feet over his nose and mouth – great close-ups of forced feet smelling here. Next, Miss Kay-O, nips his nose shut and then lets go so monkeyboy sniffs hard to get some air – she laughs at him smelling her sweaty toes. Still he keeps smelling and teases her that she’s not going to win – when the time is up, monkeyboy laughs at her, but is this a mistake?


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