(Note: Siren was previously known as Baby, to explain why she is called that during this video). This was going to be monkeyboy in 2 separate fights, but as you will see, the petite blond girls decided it would be more fun to double-team him! Both Siren and London grab him, wrestle him to the mat and show him what he’s let himself in for – Siren sits on monkeyboy’s chest to hold him still, while London shoves both her little feet in his face. Then there are 4 grubby bare feet on monkeyboy’s face to leave him in no doubt just what this match is all about. The 2 girls take it in turns to hold monkeyboy down, while the other wrestler concentrates on foot domination and humiliation – London chokes their victim while Siren abuses his face with her cute little, tattooed, bare feet and rubs them all over his nose and mouth. Then it’s Sirens turn to put monkeyboy in a choke hold which allows London to get an arm-bar, with her bare feet in his face of course. Siren joins in with an arm-bar too and now monkeyboy has got 4 bare soles and 20 cute little, dark-painted toes all over his face. London decides to do a little cbt with her wrestling and knees monkeyboy in the balls before putting him in a head-scissors, Siren is soon abusing his face with her feet and they laugh at the punishment that he’s getting. Both girls are playing with monkeyboy, foot-smothering and forcing their toes into his mouth before Siren face-sits him and gets a tap-out. Then it’s more arm-bars and foot smothers until both girls sit astride monkeyboy, one continues the feet-in-face moves while the other slaps and punches his balls – even referee Ari joins in!


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