A website member has asked for a custom clip: Hot British wrestlers, Krusha and Amethyst, are to take on monkeyboy in a 2vs1 mixed wrestling match, but they can only score taps from holds using their feet. If they get 10 taps from monkeyboy, he has to pay for the clip and the member gets it for free… This is taking place in the ring at Monica’s Wrestling Centre in London and Ari is refereeing and filming. As soon as the fight starts, monkeyboy is thrown to the canvas and gets 4 bare feet in his face. Then Krusha uses a foot choke and the first tap is counted, closely followed by number 2 which has Amethyst trampling monkeyboy while Krusha foot smothers him. The girls dominate monkeyboy easily – Amethyst puts her toes up his nose and Krusha pushes her toes into his mouth for tap 3. Both girls are having fun with their victim as they trample him and foot-slap his balls, before Amethyst gets tap 4 with a foot-smother, closely followed by tap 5 when she covers his face and wipes her grubby bare soles across his nose and mouth. There is face-sitting too, just for fun and the referee, Ari, even joins in trampling monkeyboy’s balls! Tap 6 is a nose-pinch and foot smother by Krusha and when Amethyst tries the same, its tap 7. Next monkeyboy is face-sat by Krusha and Amethyst uses her dark-blue polished toes for tap 8 – as this is only the first half of the match, it looks like monkeyboy isn’t getting paid!


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