This clip starts, like all the Stinky Feet Challenge clips, with monkeyboy explaining that he must put up with Jade’s bare feet in his face for 5 minutes – if he can’t take it he will pay out £50 of his own money! The lovely Jade is sitting on the couch behind him and she is wearing her friend Ari’s old flats – they talk about this and how smelly her feet are. Jade takes off first one flat shoe and sniffs it, she tells us how much her feet stink before repeating with her other foot. Then, with the timer running, she puts both her sexy feet in monkeyboy’s face making sure to cover and surround his nose with her gorgeous dark-blue painted toes. Foot-freak monkeyboy takes a big sniff and it’s pretty obvious he loves being forced to smell her cold smelly feet and toes. This goes on for 5 full minutes with Jade talking sexily about her foot stink – when the timer goes off there is no hurry from either of them to stop the foot-smelling humiliation. So Jade didn’t win the challenge but she makes up for it by foot-domming monkeyboy while he reminds the viewers that when these clips are filmed the girl really does get her feet as smelly as she can – only on toes2nose!


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