Jade is relaxing on the couch when monkeyboy comes in and asks if he can sit beside her – she says, no sit on the floor, which he does, his head next to her bare feet in old flats. Of course, Jade wants to play and she dangles one shoe in front of his face, then both shoes come off and her smelly bare feet are all over monkeyboys face, her sexy blue-painted toes curling around his nose so he has to sniff them. Jade knows that he can’t resist her feet and she slaps, smothers and rubs them all over his face as he excepts his fate, sniffing and kissing her soft soles and wiggling toes. The camera moves closer to give a great view of Jades beautiful, but stinky, bare feet as she plays with submissive monkeyboy, curling her toes around his nose and then gently rubbing them across his nostrils while laughing at how helpless he is, trapped by his fetish. Jade is inventive in how she abuses her foot-boy who sniffs and kisses her feet even when he’s being slapped and choked by them.


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