Slave monkeyboy is driving Jade to see a friend, but she’s bored and starts to film him and then her own feet in socks and old training shoes – she puts them up on the dashboard, not caring if other drivers see her. She undoes the laces and soon her feet are back up on display in her old grey socks – of course, she wants monkeyboy to smell her sweaty sock so she puts one foot up to his nose for him to sniff. Next, Jade takes off her damp socks to show her bare feet with a new dark blue pedicure – her feet are up on the dashboard and windscreen and several drivers look over at her sexy bare feet as they drive past. Of course, Jade wants monkeyboy to smell her stinky toes, so she puts a bare sole against his cheek so he can sniff between her toes. Finally she puts the old sneakers back on her bare feet so they can get even smellier for later in the day…


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