The beautiful Mistress Jade calls for her foot-slave, monkeyboy, to come and take his usual place on the floor, at her feet – she has already set the camera up to record him, for use as blackmail in the future. She tells him that he’s to be her footrest and he, of course, agrees while noting that she has on the old flat shoes and black nylon inner-socks that really make her feet smelly. With monkeyboy facing her, Jade puts her feet up on his shoulders and then teases him with one stinky shoe in the face, but this is soon kicked off so she can rub a nylon foot all over his nose and mouth. Jade is in a good mood and allows monkeyboy to chat away about how her feet stink really bad and how many months it is since the footies have been washed… Jade really understands monkeyboy’s fetish for smelling sweaty feet and she takes full advantage of this by taking off the other shoe and showing him her red toenails before both feet are wiping across his face. The second shoe comes off, and then one nylon follows and Jade shows her soft sole and sexy toes to the camera before pushing her bare foot into monkeyboy’s face. Jade really enjoys teasing her foot-slave and she laughs as her toes curl around his nose and he sniffs as hard as he can. She takes off the second sock and gives it a sniff, which makes her shudder at the stink before she treats the submissive monkeyboy to the top of her foot and her strong-smelling toe cleavage. Next, its two bare feet in monkeyboy’s face and Jade slowly and deliberately drags her soles across his face and then hooks one foot behind his head, so that the other foot can press against his face making escape impossible. A helpless monkeyboy is turned around to face the camera and Jade pulls her smelly feet back to cover his nose with all ten toes. There is lots of sniffing between Jade’s toes, the camera is moved closer and you can be sure there is more to come in part 2 of our video.


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