Sexy Jade has surprised monkeyboy in bed and is sitting on his back with her smelly soles and toes curled around his face so he is forced to smell them while she teases him. She pulls his head up with her feet before making him turn over so she can grab his arms and put both feet under his face – Jade lifts monkeyboy’s head up and holds her foot in his face with her toes right across his nose. Next she puts monkeyboy in a choke hold while rubbing one foot on his cock, she expertly makes him smell one set of toes while her other foot is teasing his cock through his underwear. Both of Jades feet are put into monkeyboy’s face, the red-painted toes covering his nose to foot smother him as she grabs his balls. Jade sits back on monkeyboy’s crotch and both her feet go back over his face, when he moves his face to one side, Jades toes quickly grab his nose and pulls it so he is facing upwards again. Now, the dominant Jade can tease her victim by slowly rubbing her stinky toes right across his nostrils – she locks him into smelling her toes by hooking one foot behind his head and the other into his face so he can’t escape. We also get a nice view of Jades soles as she holds them up to the camera.


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