The gorgeous Jade, dressed in a sexy camo outfit catches monkeyboy asleep in bed and jumps on him, she pulls him out from under the covers and sits on top of him with her smelly feet in his face. Kicking off her shoes, Jade rubs her nylon covered soles and toes all over his nose and mouth before making monkeyboy take her footies off with his teeth. Foot-slave monkeyboy is forced to smell her stinky toes while Jade teases his cock through his orange briefs with her other foot. Then Jade sits on his chest and face and then moves back to sit on his cock while putting both bare feet on his face, making sure her red-painted toes cover his nose. Knowing it’s best not to upset Mistress Jade, monkeyboy lays still and smells her stinky feet as she pushes his head around, he even grabs her ankles and holds her toes across his nose to sniff them better. Jade gets off of her victim, but only so she can grab his balls and cover his nose and mouth to stop his air supply. Next monkeyboy gets two feet in his crotch to rub and tease his cock, followed by a sweaty bare foot held over his nose so he as to smell between her stinky toes. This first part ends with Jade sitting on monkeyboy’s back, facing his feet, so she can wrap her toes around his face to humiliate him.


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