Slave monkeyboy is saying in an apartment in London for the night and he’s arranged for Mistress Jade to visit for a foot session, it’s mid-summer and Jade arrives in sportswear that includes some very old flat shoes worn with no socks… She calls for monkeyboy and makes him lay on the floor at her feet so she can use him as a footstool, her feet are put in his face and the flats are removed to reveal hot, tired and very smelly feet that go straight onto monkeyboy’s face. Jade has purple painted toenails to show off her cute toes which she soon has across monkeyboy’s nose and mouth – he is told to, ‘Sniff!’, by the dominant Mistress, and he, of course, obeys by sniffing between her sweaty toes. Then Jade starts to wipe her soles across his face, letting her toes linger over monkeyboy’s nose, as she face-tramples him – Jade laughs as she forces her little toe right up into his nose! There’s foot-smothering and face slapping along with foot sniffing and kissing, plus Jade gets her submissive to suck and nibble her feet, enjoying the fact that he is helpless to escape his fetish.


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