The final part of monkeyboys hotel session with Ari is 22minutes of Full HD video mixed femdom wrestling finds him continuing to suffer at the hands, and feet, of this very experienced and strong young woman. This clip contains: Head scissors, both feet-in-the-face smothering, forced stinky feet sniffing, nose-pinching between the toes, foot-slaps, head pulled into the crutch scissors. Poor old monkeyboy is throughly dominated and humiliated throughout, Ari delights in pushing her smelly bare feet in his face, she expertly curls her sexy long toes around his nose so he has to sniff them. When monkeyboy asks if he can give up and just worship her feet, he is allowed a few minutes to sniff and kiss them as well as have hers toes in his mouth. The rest of the session time sees Ari sitting on monkeyboy with her feet covering his face, pretzel holds that leave his face an easy target for her white-skinned soles and black-polished toes as well as some more scissors and other pain for the ‘victim’ – eventually the alarm goes off to signal the end of the hour and monkeyboy is saved by the bell.


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