Following on from the previous clip where Ari, a.k.a  knocked monkeyboy out with a rear naked choke, now he knows where he is again, the wrestling session proper starts. The next 16mins of HD film has Ari dominating and humiliating monkeyboy in a very one-sided fight, almost an exhibition of femdom mixed wrestling as she does whatever she likes with him. The holds  include: Arm bars, straddles, schoolboy pins, face-slapping, cbt slapping, loads of foot-in-the-face forced smelling and smothering, choke holds and scissors to the head and body. Ari even uses a pillow to smother monkeyboy and she keeps on punching and slapping her useless and helpless opponent – when monkeyboy dares to slap her butt, he soon gets face-sat, some jiujitsu locks and pressure holds, pretzel holds that tie him in knots and even a wedgie! For a laugh, Ari kicks monkeyboy off the bed and, in the same spirit he launches himself at her – pointless of course and only gets him scissored and tormented by her stinky toes…


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