After their bondage ordeal (previous 2 clips), Amber and monkeyboy are talking about how crazy Ari and Jade are, when they walk in, both still dressed as Harley Quinn – they apologise for tying up Amber… and blame it all on monkeyboy! So, Amber joins in with the other two, the idea being they will play a little game with monkeyboy, of course, this will involve their foot-slave having smelly feet in his face which he has to, ‘Guess Who’s Feet’ they are. Poor monkeyboy is blindfold and then gagged with Jade’s dirty socks while Ari takes off her boots to reveal that her black fishnets are footless. The rules are: monkeyboy gets a stinky bare foot in his face so he can sniff the toes, he has to say which girls foot it is, if he gets it wrong, he gets foot-slapped. Well, monkeyboy is an expert foot smeller and he gets the first 3 feet correctly matched to the girl, much to their annoyance. What follows is a lot of foot-sniffing fun along with a lot of punishment for you-know-who.


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