After the game of Twister, Ari, Jade and Amber decide that monkeyboy does actually deserve a birthday treat, so they have him laying in front of them and they all use him as a footstool – of course he loves this and sniffs and kisses the 6 bare soles and 30 smelly toes, lost in foot-fetish heaven. The girls enjoy it too and he gets toes curled round his nose and feet wiped and dragged across his nose (this is all filmed from the girls point of view as they tease and play with his upturned face). This whole clip is real life, the girls know monkeyboy’s fetish only too well and are, fairly, kind to their footrest for a change. Includes foot-sniffing, foot kissing, foot smother and feet on face to ensure monkeyboy remembers his birthday…


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