Ari and Jade, still dressed as sexy schoolgirls, have got monkeyboy laid on the floor in front of them, and they’re using him as a footrest for their stinky bare feet. This is almost a behind-the-scenes clip as all three are discussing fetishes while the girls tease and abuse monkeyboy’s face with their sweaty soles and smelly toes, holding them over his nose and mouth, forcing him to smell them. The atmosphere is relaxed as the girls take their time with the foot domination of their slave, they ignore him when chatting between themselves, but still face trample and foot smother him – monkeyboy is happy to put up with this and he sniffs and kisses their grubby feet, lost in his fetish. Ari and Jade ask monkeyboy if he can tell who’s feet are who’s and he says they do smell different – this prompts the girls to smell each others feet! As the clip ends, Ari and Jade are talking about trying to get their feet to smell as bad as possible… just a typical quiet evening at home for these three…


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