Amber is busy on her tablet when monkeyboy comes in and asks if she will rest her feet on his face – she’s very used to her boyfriend’s fetish for her smelly feet and says yes. Her red flats come off and her sexy long toes with red-painted nails are soon covering his mouth and curling around his nose. Even though she has things to do, Amber can’t resist foot dominating her submissive foot-slave and she starts to rub her sweaty soles across his face, she even puts a peach in his mouth to force him to really sniff hard between her toes. Starting to enjoy herself, Amber sits on monkeyboy’s face before foot-smothering him – as usual, this fetish-friendly couple have a camera recording their kinky fun. Toes are forced into monkeyboy’s mouth and smelly soles are dragged across his face as Amber teases him, she also uses her pretty soft hands to smother and puts a finger into his mouth to suck – she is feeling extra naughty tonight…


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