The next of monkeyboy’s birthday treats is a game of Twister: Ari is spinning the wheel and filming; Amber and Jade, both barefoot, are playing along with monkeyboy – the game starts and the first few moves are made with no problem. Then Ari calls a move for monkeyboy to put his hand on yellow, monkeyboy says his hand is already there… so Ari changes it to ‘Head on Yellow’ and the fun starts. Jade puts monkeyboy in a head-scissors and next it’s foot on monkeyboy’s face followed by more of the same until he’s being forced to smell 4 stinky feet. Lot’s of trampling and abusing of monkeyboy by Jade and Amber makes Ari keen to join in – she does and now there are 6  sexy bare feet and 30 sweaty toes all over his face, curling round his nose and wiping across his lips. If you like foot smelling, foot-smothering, feet on face and more (plus some face-sitting), you will love this clip.


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