Following on from the previous clip, monkeyboy is happily smelling Ambers stinky bare feet – she holds her long toes right across his nostrils so he gets the full stink from between them. When monkeyboy says he is getting hard from smelling her feet, Amber tells him to kiss her soles before moving one foot to his crutch to tease and rub his cock. She also takes the camera to get a better view and she pulls down monkeyboy’s pj bottoms so her bare foot can get to his cock and balls better. Lucky slave monkeyboy gets a foot-job and even a hand-job as he’s teased and edged by Amber – he knows she won’t let him come until the next day. He strokes his hard cock for a while as Amber uses her feet on him, just loosely curling her smelly toes right around his nose to drive him crazy with the aroma. Next Amber uses the toes on both feet around monkeyboy’s cock to control and own him as he’s lost and helpless to resist. A foot goes back in his face while the other strokes his hard cock, then, to finish the clip, Amber stands over monkeyboy and tramples his face with her sexy soles, grabbing at his features with her strong toes.


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