Sexy Amber is relaxing on the couch in her green silk pj’s and checking emails when her boyfriend, monkeyboy, comes and asks if he can get her bare feet in his face – she says yes, and as soon as he is on the couch she puts her stinky feet in his face and rubs them across his nose and mouth. Submissive monkeyboy starts to sniff her red-painted toes and say how soft and smelly they are – Amber lets him put her feet just where he wants them, laying her long toes right across his nose. This is a real stinky feet smelling session, you can hear monkeyboy sniffing loudly as they talk about his fetish which makes Amber smile as she indulges and humiliates him at the same time. Amber loves to play to the camera and she moves to sit on the floor to give her a better angle to foot-smother monkeyboy who is in foot-fetish heaven. They talk openly and honestly about foot fetish and monkeyboy’s love of really stinky feet to sniff, and his addiction to Ambers soles and toes. After a while Amber starts to foot-dominate monkeyboy and slaps him across the face with her feet, she also pushes her toes up his nose to tease and humiliate him. When monkeyboy asks for a foot on his cock he’s told off as Amber likes to be in charge and decide what’s going to happen… she doesn’t say no though…


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