Slave monkeyboy is sitting on the floor watching TV when hot British Dominatrix, Miss L, comes in and stretches out on the couch behind him. As she gets comfortable, her legs go in front of monkeyboy allowing her to put her stinky bare feet in his face. Miss L loves to dominate and humiliate men and she starts by curling her cute toes over monkeyboy’s nose so he’s forced to smell them. She gets into her stride and even though monkeyboy is kissing her feet, she foot-smothers her slave and uses him as a foot rest before shoving her toes in his mouth. The foot-slave to this hot young Mistress just takes the foot smelling and the face trampling, he even supports her feet while she abuses him, wiping her sweaty bare soles slowly across his face. Miss L knows exactly how to tease monkeyboy as he’s been her foot slave for years – she orders him onto the floor in front of her so she can tease him by grabbing his nose with her stinky toes.


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