So, our two ‘schoolgirls’, Ari and Jade, have been out to a fancy dress party and now monkeyboy, sitting on his bed, can hear them laughing drunkenly as they come up the stars. The girls burst into his room and demand he leaves as they want his room for the night – when he says no, the girls push him down onto his back and start to abuse and dominate him. Poor old monkeyboy gets sat on, scissored, foot smothered, hand smothered, punched (hard!) and smothered under a pillow! Ari has old black fishnets on, while Jade has over-the-knee socks – of course, monkeyboy is forced to sniff their smelly feet as they rub their feats over his face. The BDSM punishment continues as the girls get more and more excited about hurting their foot-slave, he gets subjected to: being gagged, smothered, trampled, vicious punches to his arms and legs, nipple-twisting, slapping with hands and shoes and a final head scissor by Jade that makes me submit and leave the two naughty schoolgirls alone on the double bed…


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