The final part of our series starts with Mistress Jade using a vibrator on slave monkeyboy’s cock and balls, some tease and some pain of course. Next she sits on monkeyboy’s face and uses the vibrator on herself while grinding on her slave, covering his mouth and nose with her pussy. It’s back to forced nylon foot smelling for monkeyboy who gets the vibrator back in his crutch too until Jade peels off one black stocking and puts her sexy bare foot on his face, her toes curling round his nose. Jade tells monkeyboy to lick her toes while she takes off the other stocking and uses both of them to gag him, then she reverse face-sits her slave, telling him to ‘Kiss my arse’. The pinwheel returns, starting with light pressure to tease, followed by very heavy pressure on monkeyboy’s nipples, causing him to squirm in pain and suffering. Mistress Jade is working hard now as she slaps monkeyboy in the balls and then grabs his balls and squeezes them, she is obviously enjoying making him suffer. When she does let go of his balls she starts to punch monkeyboy and you can plainly see how hard the punches are, his reactions to these full-on fist punches are all real – he begs her to stop and she tells him, ‘Only if you suck my toes’. While slave monkeyboy sucks her sweaty bare toes, Jade retrieves the rope and ties his wrists together, also tying them to the bed frame so she can continue his torment while he’s helpless…


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