Mistress Jade has slave monkeyboy blindfolded and in rope bondage on the bed – she is teasing him with her black pvc gloved hands. Without warning she slaps him, hard, and he has to say, ‘I love you Mistress Jade’ or get worse punishment. Jade uses a pinwheel on monkeyboy’s arms and legs and she also dragged it across the sole of his foot – you can hear him groan, in real pain, there’s no acting here. After this, Jade starts to slap monkeyboy until he begs her to stop, which she does, but in her own time. Then Jade sits astride her victim and unties the ropes around his body before viciously pulling back on his chin – Jade’s wrestling experience really shows in her Dominatrix style too. Black nylon feet are put under monkeyboy’s face and he’s forced to smell them while Jade pulls back on his arms, she even bites his finger! Next she body-scissors him before telling him to roll over onto his back so she can tease him with her leather riding crop, of course, she also gives monkeyboy a few hard whacks with the crop. Jade rips off the duct tape that she’d stuck across his chest and starts to painfully squeeze his nipples making him cry-out in pain. The next surprise comes when Mistress Jade, in her black lacy leotard, sits on monkeyboy’s face before pushing her smelly nylon toes over his nose and mouth while putting the vibrator back on his cock and balls. To end this clip, Jade removes monkeyboy’s gag and reverse face-sits him, her perfect butt on the lucky slaves face. This treat finishes and two stinky nylon feet go back in monkeyboy’s face so he’s forced to sniff them while Jade uses the vibrator on his crutch, for a long time…


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