Sexy British Mistress Jade has slave monkeyboy blindfolded and gagged and she is using him as a couch while rubbing her sheer nylon covered feet all over his face and nose. Jade puts her pvc gloved fingers into his mouth before using a vibrator on him – she really teases him with the vibrator on his cock and he moans in pain and pleasure. Mixing things up again, Jade flips monkeyboy over onto his front and then produces a pink bondage rope which she ties his wrists together with, also passing the rope around his neck and then back down to his wrists. Now he’s in bondage Jade produces the pinwheel again and gets a groan from monkeyboy before she gives him a wedgie and says she is going to spank and slap him: she instructs her slave to say, ‘I love you Miss Jade’ whenever he gets hit – he gets hit, a lot.


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