Slave monkeyboy is laying on the bed, awaiting his Mistress, Jade, not knowing what she might have in store for him – she comes into the room wearing all black including long pvc gloves and sheer black stockings. Jade climbs onto the bed and produces a roll of vet wrap which she uses to blindfold monkeyboy, then she tapes his mouth shut with duct-tape. It occurs to her that the tape could be used like a wax strip, so she starts to remove hair from his chest! Jade moves slowly and sensually around on top of her sub then, taking him by surprise, she slaps his face, hard. Next she gets a riding crop to tease and punish monkeyboy and he gets a taste of the leather. The next treat she has for him is a 5wheel pinwheel with wickedly sharp metal spikes that she tests on his chest… and his balls, before giving them a squeeze. To finish this first part of our story, Jade sits on top of monkeyboy and rubs her nylon feet on his face, she tells him to smell them as she curls her toes around his nose.


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