This second part to the film starts with Ari securing monkeyboy’s cock and balls in the bondage belt she has found and then tying it to keep the tension on. Next Domina Ari climbs up onto the bench and sits astride slave monkeyboy – as she sits high on his chest we get another look at the amazing outfit she is wearing, along with sexy high leather boots with stilleto heels. She face-sits her slave to smother him and nips his nose so he can’t breathe at all, when she does let him gasp in a breath or two it’s mixed with sharp pain as she pulls on the nipple-clamp chain – eventually she does remove the clamps to concentrate his mind on not being able to get a breath. Ari decides to reverse face-sit monkeyboy next and we get to see her amazing butt as his face disappears into it – when she’s had enough, Mistress Ari just leaves and monkeyboy is left alone in the dungeon to ponder what she might do to him another time…


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