Sexy blonde Amber has promised monkeyboy a special treat for his birthday, she is wearing a vintage-style bikini with a black silk robe over the top – she shows the camera what her boyfriend has in store before removing the robe and sitting on his face. This is shot gonzo style with the camera moving around, but always close-up – Amber sits down next to monkeyboy for his next part of the treat. One of Ambers smelly bare feet starts to stroke his cock while the other one is pushed into his face, the toes covering his nostrils, so he’s forced to smell in between them. While monkeyboy sniffs for all he’s worth, Amber uses her foot and hand to tease monkeyboy’s cock, making him groan in pleasure. Amber gives a foot-job, hand-job, foot smother and all her tricks to drive monkeyboy wild.


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