So, monkeyboy is driving the beautiful Ari back to his for his birthday celebrations – Ari is bored and has the video camera pointing at her feet, in dirty old trainers and black socks, which are up on the dashboard. She removes the old sneakers to show the damp black socks as she shows them to anyone looking as they go past the car. Next Ari removes her socks just using her long red-painted toes to reveal her hot bare feet and the spider tattoo on one white foot. With both feet bare, Ari plays with her stinky socks and shows her feet off to the world and makes sweaty footprints on the glass. Then she says that she needs to stretch her legs which means her feet are pushed into monkeyboy’s face so he can sniff her toes as they curl around his nose. Ari plays with his face, covers his nose, slaps him, puts a toe in his ear and up his nose! The face abuse continues while monkeyboy drives, unable to do anything else…


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